Questions on Resale/Existing Home Rebates

FAQ About Questions on Resale/Existing Home Rebates

What if I want to buy a resale/exisiting home, do I still get a rebate?

You still get a rebate! The rebate amount is 1% of the purchase price provided we are compensated at 3% of the purchase price. The rebate is less than new homes because there is much more time and effort involved in buying an existing home. However, the main purpose for us to be involved is to negotiate the absolute lowest price on your new home. Think of your rebate as a bonus. Register and tell us what you are looking for

Resale home purchases will require us to schedule showing appointments, negotiate offers or writing amendments, and personally be present at things like home inspections, walk-throughs, and so on. Our rebate program will still allow up to 1% Cash Rebate to you, the buyer can be significant. Of course, all parties involved must be notified and requires lender approval.

I'm already working with another agent. Does that matter?

Unfortunately, if you are already under contract with another real estate agent, you are not eligible for our program. This service is not meant to solicit buyers already working with a buyer agent. However, once your current contract is terminated or expires, we would be happy to assist you.

Why don't all agents offer rebates?

Brokers and agents across the country are eyeing this trend nervously. Rebates are basically gifts that the buyer can use to reduce their out of pocket expenses: however the buyer's gain is often seen as a loss to the agent. Most agents earn their sole living based on the commission received from the real estate transaction. Often times, the agent has to split their commission check with their sponsoring broker.

We see a great opportunity in helping others that are actually capable of doing a great deal of the initial research and legwork. Our business model is based on volume transactions, and we don't need to make 3% on each deal to be successful.

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