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retail retail
one year ago | thasriyamuskan8gmailcom

1) what is the retail industry ?

retailing is the intermediary services that provide the transportation of goods between the producer and the other words, it is the whole of activities retail to the marketing of goods and services directly to the end consumer, provided that they are not used for purposes or resold or used for personal needs.

retail retail
one year ago | thasriyamuskan8gmailcom

2) how is retail done ?

retailing, which we can define as a commercial act, is used to express the sale of a product or service the retail company offers the existing product to the buy one by one instead of wholesale. the buyer, on the other hand, can purchase the product or service individually or in several through the seller companny.

retail retail
one year ago | thasriyamuskan8gmailcom

3) what are the types of retailers ?

today, types of retailers can be considered under three headings.

  • store retailers
  • non-store retailers (e-commerce, door -to-door , television sales, direct sales, mobile sales, etc.)
  • multinational retailers

we can group independent retailers into two groups:

independent retailers without stores


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