FAQ About Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts
one year ago | alfred

What is the state of a smart contract?

The "state" of a smart contract refers to the current values of the variables and data stored within the contract at a given point in time. When a smart contract is deployed, it has an initial state that is determined by its constructor function.

As transactions are executed on the smart contract, the state of the contract may change. For example, if a user calls a function that updates a variable within the contract, the state of the contract will be updated accordingly. The new state will be stored on the blockchain and will be the basis for the contract's state in subsequent transactions.

It's worth noting that the state of a smart contract is immutable once it has been added to the blockchain. Once a transaction is confirmed and the state is updated, it cannot be changed retroactively. This makes smart contracts highly secure and transparent, as the state of the contract can be audited and verified by anyone on the blockchain.