FAQ About Smart Goals in Google Analytics

What are the Smart Goals in Google Analytics?

Smart Goals is a new type of Google Analytics goal to identify the users most engaged with the site. Optimizes Google Ads performance by counting the best website sessions as conversions and provides this with 30 different metrics. Some of these metrics are; 

  • Session duration,
  • Pages per session,
  • Location,
  • Device,
  • Browser.

How does Smart Goals work?

The first thing you need to do to optimize your campaigns with Smart Goals is to link your Google Analytics account with your Google Ads account.

After this important step, you should select the Admin tab and then select Goals in the View column. To set a new goal, you must select the New Goal option. If you can choose Smart Goal from here, you can select it and give it a name and then save it. 

How to send Smart Goals to Google Ads?

After creating your Smart Goal in Google Analytics, you must select the Tools field in your AdWords account and select Conversions.

You should select Analytics from the left menu, select the options you want to import and press the Continue button.

You will see a page showing the targets you selected in the next step. After selecting the ones you want, you can connect them with your Ads account by clicking the Apply button. 

What is the difference between smart goals and goals

Goals are used to measure whether users have completed specific actions. Smart Goals count the best website sessions as conversions and optimize the campaigns. 


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