St Anne's Church Anniversary Dinner

FAQ About St Anne's Church Anniversary Dinner

Where is Bliss Garden Restaurant

Bliss Garden - 福满楼

1 Expo Dr, #02-01, Singapore 486150

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What is the attire for the event?

Dress code is smart casual. Kindly refrain from wearing singlets, shorts, bermudas, and slippers (flip flops).

Will alcohol be provided at the event?

Red or white wine (1 bottle per table) has been generously sponsored free-of-charge (other non-alcoholic beverages are also free-of-charge). No bringing of own alcohol allowed.

For beer, a sales counter will be set up on-site and purchase can be made at the start of the dinner. Beer stubs will be issued and can be redeemed from the restaurant waiters. Payment in cash is preferred.

  • Price of beer: $30/jug

We seek your cooperation and understanding in being responsible drinkers. Don't drink and drive!

Will transportation be provided to the venue?

A 2-way transport between St Anne's Church and Singapore Expo via chartered bus will be provided at $5 per ticket. Pick-up will be at St. Anne's Church carpark, Saturday 21 Oct 2023, 5.30pm (after Saturday Sunset Mass).

This weekend will also be the the last one to get your bus tickets. All sales will close after Sunday 1 Oct 2023. If you have yet to purchase your bus tickets, please contact Christopher (84489498), Geraldine (96178627), or Gina (93894812). Closer to the event date, you will be informed of which bus you are allocated to.


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