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Sustainable Design Sustainable Design
2 years ago | zelifergin

What is design for sustainability?

Dfs is a holistic design approach that emphasizes the well-being of people and the environment, and it takes the circular economy into consideration. Therefore, it is a solution-oriented sub-field in the intersection of sustainability and design disciplines.

Economics and other social fields help us decide whether something is efficient. Design on the other hand questions whether that thing we created is effective. Once you combine strategy and design, you'll get a sense of what sustainable design is and create products that don't have negative effects on current and future generations.

Sustainable Design Sustainable Design
2 years ago | zelifergin

What are some strategies for redesigning more sustainable products in a regenerative way?

Whether you're a professional or not, there are so simple strategies for sustainability.

1- Do more with less! Think about dematerialization. Found the balance between the optimal length of use and functionality. Once you start reducing the number and size of materials, you start minimizing the effects it has on the environment.

2-Use me baby one more time! Just like a Lego block, products can be adaptable to be used in different environments for different needs. If you think about modularity, it will help you create timeless designs. Produce products that the end owners can reconfigure and use in a totally different way.

3- Is it durable enough? Use materials that are durable so that you don't need to replace the products frequently. It is also better if there are repair options. In that way, you don't need to throw away a product once its product lifecycle has ended.

4- Recycle! Even though you choose materials that can be recycled, products might lose their ability to be recycled once they get into contact with different products. Thus, the assembly methods are important as the material selection itself.

Creative thinking is a key figure of sustainable design since creativity is all about solving complex problems and finding solutions to those problems with positive outcomes.


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