FAQ About Teaching Rules, Etiquette & Regulation in Advancer

How do Set Up My Work Station?

Trainer must set up a workstation (Teaching Environment) before each session with his/her students following the instructions below:

Workstation: The Trainer must be in a quiet, well-lit workstation with a clean whitewall as background

The Trainer should not use any background Template or inappropriate design as a background

The Trainer should use external camera if possible

The position of the Trainers Camera should be on the Trainer

How should my audio & video quality sound or appear like?

Equipment: The Trainer must use a noise cancelling headset, high definition camera, industrial grade computer, and smart Laptop.

The Trainer shall be solely responsible for the procurement, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software, internet connection, and other equipment associated with the delivery of outputs specified in the corresponding project specifications.

The Trainer can use free software such as https://krisp.ai/ for noise background cancellation if necessary

What is the dress code for Teaching?

Dress code: The Trainer shall be in professional attire whenever deliverables require video calls or other face-to-face teaching

 Should be able to mirror the student pacing when Teaching

Punctuality: The Trainer shall accomplish deliverables and attend to transactions at the agreed or proper time

 The Trainer must attend all lesson(s) that has been booked according to his/her availability

Can I book a lesson for Student(s)?

Yes, teachers can book/reserve a lesson for students only when requested by the student.

Booking/Reservation can be made from Course Portal. (Make Booking-Select the Time & date-Confirm to Reserve the lesson)

Can I cancel a Booked Lesson?

Teachers are not encourage to cancel a booked Lesson only when it is emergency or have Technical Problem for that specific lesson.

NOTE: Recurring Lesson(s) cancellation will result into account close for a Review until Management decision is determine.

How many Lessons should I teach in Advancer Per week?

Teachers are encourage to teach as much as they can in Advancer.

The minimum Lessons a Teacher should Teach is between 10-20 Lessons per week according to their availability Schedule.

However, Teachers who teach more have the opportunity to increase their wage/fees based on our KPI analytics.

When will I be paid after Teaching ?

Teachers in Advancer are paid at the first week of every month by the Advancer Financial Office.

I live in Europe, how can I receive my wage/fees?

European Teachers are being paid by our Teaching Coordinators who execute task on behalf of Advancer financial office.

However, the following are some of the easy ways Teachers outside Turkey are being paid:

  • wiseTransfer
  • Paypal
  • MoneyTransfer/swiftTransfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Others.....

Will I be paid If the student doesn't show up in the lesson?

Yes, Teachers are supposed to submit attendance(Absent) for the student and the lesson will be consider done. Therefore, the teacher will be paid for that specific lesson.

What should I do before the Lesson?

Teacher should check the following before the lesson:

  • Login and Enter the student Course
  • Read the Previous Report about the Student
  • Check the Lesson Material assigned to the student
  • Get Ready for the Lesson by Preparing adequately
  • Join the Lesson by Launching the Virtual Classroom

What Materials/Teaching Methodology is used for Teaching?

Advancer use a Professional and well prepared interactive teaching and learning materials for students at all levels. Lesson Materials are available for both Teachers & students on our platform.

Advancer use student - Practice/ Constructivist Approach for teaching that shift the focus of learning from teacher to students. This approach gives the student the potential privilege to express him/herself during the lesson and lean effectively by practising the Language in live session.

I'm late for the lesson start time, can I still Teach the Lesson?

Yes, depending on the time of your lateness you can teach the lesson if the student is still waiting for teacher to join. However, Lateness can result into lesson cancellation by the student or management that may lead your account to be closed for management Review.

NOTE: Contact management right away to reschedule your lesson if you think you will be late for the lesson prior to the Lesson Start Time.

I will not be available for Teaching in the following next week?

Teachers are given the luxury privilege to determine when to Teach or not in Advancer. However, Teachers can close their availability booking schedule anytime but not close for the entire week which may turn your account into Inactive.

NOTE: Minimum Teaching slot should not be Less than 10-20 hours per week

I want to change the teaching materials of the reserved course

Teacher are NOT supposed to used any external material other than company Materials in the class that has not been approved by Advancer Management

External Materials to support teaching content can be used if found helpful for the students such as YouTube video, assignments, Presentation guide or Reading Article

Can I use Zoom or other external software app for the Lesson?

Teachers are NOT supposed to ever use external applications/software applications such as zoom for the lesson other than the inbuilt Virtual Classroom for Teaching and Learning.

NOTE: Teachers may use other app only if approved by management or only if the student can't use our inbuilt Virtual Classroom dew to company restrictions.

What happen if I breach my Contract

Breach of Contract will result into Management Review of Independent Contract discontinuation if found guilty of the act committed.

How long does my contact last in Advancer?

Independent Contract agreement is signed for 12 months and may be subject to extension at end of the 12 months with Advancer.

Can I talk to Students about Lesson Subcription/Fees/Tuition?

Teachers are NOT suppose to speak with students about Lesson Subcription, fees or tuition fees in any circumstance. Since management are in charge of these duties, Advancer restrict all teachers to stay out monetary conversation that may lead to breach of Contract, discontinuation of Contract or probably legal sanction by the company.

NOTE: Teachers should redirect monetary questions asked by students to the management Board to avoid any unexpected circumstances.

What should I do after the Lesson ?

Submit Attendance, Daily Report and Students Evaluation after the lesson is done.

Students Submitted report about me(Lesson).

Students Report/Evaluation about a Teacher or Lesson is review by management to find out the course, solution, answer or prescribe way to deal with the Teacher who the report was filed against .

However, teachers are not supposed to discuss the report with students directly since is a violation of Rules and Regulation. Teachers should never ask a student about an Evaluation they gave. Asking about about or even making reference to a report/Evaluation form submitted by a students is absolutely prohibited.

Breaching this provision of the contract automatically subject the Trainer/Teacher to contract Termination Proceedings.


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