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Is The Great Gatsby a love story? The Great Gatsby
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Is The Great Gatsby a love story?

While there are elements of love and romance in "The Great Gatsby," it is not primarily a love story in the traditional sense. The relationship between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan is central to the plot of the novel, but it is portrayed as an idealized and ultimately destructive obsession rather than a true love story.

Gatsby's pursuit of Daisy is driven more by his desire to recapture the past and to fulfill his vision of the American Dream, rather than by genuine love for Daisy as a person. Likewise, Daisy's own feelings for Gatsby are complex and often conflicted, shaped by her own social status and her loyalty to her husband, Tom.

Ultimately, the novel is less concerned with the romance between Gatsby and Daisy than with the larger themes of the corrupting influence of wealth and power, the decay of the American Dream, and the moral emptiness of the Jazz Age.