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one year ago | harriscarter

➼ Why should I choose your services?

With the recent growth of prop firm industry and the importance of being funded among traders, many fake gurus have taken advantage of innocent struggling traders by selling fake dreams, promising to pass prop firm challenges on their behalf, but ultimately failing to do so due to their inability to trade profitably. This has led to traders violating trading parameters imposed by prop firms, resulting in disqualification from the challenge accounts.

To put an end to these fraudulent practices, we have decided to resume our services and offer the following benefits to our clients:

▶️ Proper Risk Management (0.5%-1% per trade) - Our team manages risk effectively by not risking more than 0.5%-1% per trade.

▶️ No Overtrading, High Probability Setups, (3:1 RR) - We avoid overtrading and execute trades based on high probability setups to minimize the risk of drawdown. We maintain a 3:1 risk-reward ratio.

▶️ Proven Strategy with an Edge - Our trading strategy is proven to be effective and provides us with an edge in the market.

▶️ We Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan Only. (Patience is Power) - We plan trades and execute them accordingly. We value patience and follow our trading plan religiously.

▶️ Topnotch Trading Psychology. We Don’t Trade Based on Emotions - Our team possesses top-notch trading psychology and does not allow emotions to interfere with our trades.

▶️ Committed Team with 7+ Years of Consistent Experience - Our team is dedicated and experienced, with over 7 years of consistent trading in the financial markets.

▶️ 24/7 Customer Support - We provide our clients with 24/7 customer support to ensure their trading journey is smooth and successful.