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What is Richard Papen's fatal flaw quote? The Secret History
one year ago | gizem

What is Richard Papen's fatal flaw quote?

The quote about Richard Papen's fatal flaw in The Secret History is as follows:

"Does such a thing as 'the fatal flaw,' that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? I used to think it didn't. Now I think it does. And I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs."

This quote speaks to Richard's desire to be part of an elite, intellectual group at any cost, including participating in illegal and morally questionable activities. Richard's pursuit of a "picturesque" life ultimately leads him down a dangerous path, and his actions have serious consequences for himself and those around him. The quote also reflects the book's larger themes of ambition, power, and the corrupting influence of privilege.