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Vendo Biz FAQ Vendo Biz FAQ
8 months ago | a1isamrtnzszt

Need ba may internet or WIFI connection?

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Package 1 & 2 included na dun ang PisoWifi, ELoad, and CashIn services

Kaya technically, YES, dapat may stable internet connection kayo

As for package 3 & 4...

Hindi na kelangan ng WIFI or data as long as malakas SIM network SIGNAL sa area mo. Globe or TNT networks dapat nasa 3-4 bars. Much better 4g or 5g

What if hindi stable or wala signal?

If meron naman internet, pwedeng-pwede e-connect ang WIFI sa vendo

Vendo Biz FAQ Vendo Biz FAQ
8 months ago | a1isamrtnzszt

Kasama na ba sa package ang WIFI?


Hindi kasama ang Wi-Fi sa vendo package namin kasi, iba ang service provider ng INTERNET at iba din sa VENDO MACHINE.

Bakit sa IBA meron?

Prepaid WIFI gamit nila kaya makaka-provide sila ng internet. Pwede din naman gamitin ang prepaid as alternative if wala kayo WIFI modem/router. Naka-depende yan sa lakas ng SIGNAL nyo sa area.

Pero mas maganda if fiber or modem gamit nyo internet para malakas din connection nyo sa Vendo

Vendo Biz FAQ Vendo Biz FAQ
8 months ago | a1isamrtnzszt

I want to avail pero walang INTERNET?

Authorized Agent ako ng Globe Telecom and if gusto nyo magpa install ng WIFI meron kami GFIBER

Meron din kami PLDT but I highly recommend GLOBE kasi very reliable ng team nila. 1day process lang ng application INSTALLL agad. And in terms of customer service of course, if my concerns especially connection lost or technical problem sa modem mo, one-call-away lang support nila

If gusto nyo mag upgrade may 20% discount ako for you


Vendo Biz FAQ Vendo Biz FAQ
8 months ago | a1isamrtnzszt

Paano INSTALLATION ng vendo?

Plug and Play ang vendo machine namin. Meaning hindi na required or need ng manual install. E-connect mo lang ang device and then good to go na. If gusto nyo naman secure pagka install ang vendo, pwede din kayo magpatulong sa marunong. And don't worry, once ma receive nyo na vendo ninyo, we will facilitate you naman and guide you kung paano emanage ang system.


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