Vivienne Heights HOA - Payment Restructuring

FAQ About Vivienne Heights HOA - Payment Restructuring

What is the payment restructuring resolution all about?

The payment restructuring resolution aims to provide homeowners with an opportunity to remove their delinquent status by committing to pay their monthly dues in staggered payments for 12 months.

What happens if I fail to make a payment for one month during the restructuring period?

Non-payment for one month will result in the cancellation of the restructuring program availed,and the homeowner will revert to their previous delinquent status.

How will the garbage fee be incorporated into the monthly dues?

Starting this month of July, the garbage fee of P150 will be included in our monthly dues, making the total amount P550.

Why was the Garbage Collection Fee incorporated to the monthly dues?

This is to protect the interests of the members with good standing. The arrangement with the service provider was possible because of the HOA members financial contributions to raise funds for the garbage collection fee. As such, it is just proper that the services be provided only to those who contributed for the funds.

For the HOs with delinquent status, they would have to wait for the government garbage collection services, which is currently non-existent since the Barangay explicitly mentioned that they have no capacity to provide such services.

However, the HOA will still pursue our requests to LGU or CENRO. For the mean time, this will be our arrangement with regards to the garbage collection.

Why was the Garbage Collection Service provider privatized?

The association already requested for assistance from the Barangay to have a weekly garbage collection at our subdivision. However the Barangay expressed that they do not have available garbage trucks. They said that if we can provide our own garbage truck, they can assign personnel for the weekly garbage collection.

Our association do not have the capacity to provide a garbage truck. Thus, we resorted to private service providers for the mean time.

While we acknowledge our rights to this basic services since we are taxpayers, our hands are still tied since we are at the mercy of the Barangay.

However, we will still pursue our request to the LGU or CENRO. If granted, the garbage collection fee may be removed from our monthly fees. For the mean time, let us help each other provide the basic needs of our subdivision.

If anyone has connections to the LGU, you are very much welcome to assist us in arranging for a government garbage collection services.

What should I do to update my monthly dues?

Please send your payments to the provided GCASH number: 09606464835, under the name Ulynne Jane Domingo. Payments to the old GCASH number will not be honored.

Are there any exceptions to paying the garbage fee?

Homeowners who do not occupy their house or only visit occasionally for maintenance purposes are exempted from paying the GARBAGE FEE but not on MONTHLY DUE.

What should I do if I still have unpaid monthly dues from last year?

We are currently in the process of preparing the Statement of Accounts (SOAs) and finalizing the restructuring mechanics. If you wish to settle your unpaid dues as early as possible, we kindly ask you to approach our president for this week. Please note that our secretary is still in the process of finalizing the SOAs, and we appreciate your maximum tolerance during this time. The official turnover of data took place yesterday, July 2nd, and all our officers are working professionals with personal responsibilities. While we strive to serve our community to the best of our abilities, we kindly request your understanding that we may not be able to reply immediately due to these commitments.

What should I do if I already paid my monthly dues for the entire year?

You may pay the remaining P150 per month on monthly basis for the garbage collection fee or a one time payment of P900 for the months of July to December 2023


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