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WaO - NTY - 1642
8 months ago | elly

How do I create a farm?


When you create a farm, you are basically building a new castle. Where your priorities for your main castle are (fast) growth and warfare (lord skills, technology, equipment, etc.), this will be the opposite for your farm castle. The only purpose of a farm is to produce and gather resources for your main castle.

To start creating your farm, click your avatar at the left top of your screen. There you will see 'Account'. Before you proceed, double-check that your main castle is bound to either Facebook, Gmail, etc. to make sure you don't lose it. By doing this, you will always be able to switch back to your main castle. Once this is done, click 'New game'.

Let's create a farm!

Once you click 'New game', a new castle will be created. First of all, make sure you place this new castle in the same realm as your main castle. In our case, this is realm 1642. Next, you will go through the same walkthrough as you did when you created your main castle.

As soon as you can, put your farm in one of our farm alliances: TAT, LOL or MAX. You can reach out to Tatnala or Elly with the name of your farm and we'll invite it to the farm alliance.

Next, use a teleport to bring your farm close(s) to your main castle. Farms need to be cleaned regularly to prevent others from looting your resources. Having your farm(s) close makes this a lot less time-consuming.

Don't forget to tag your castle. In the signature of your farm, put something like "NTY farm - Elly's farm". This way our allies and enemies will know they are attacking a farm that belongs to you.

Congratulations, you have a farm. How do you make it a good farm?


   • It is essential to upgrade your farm to level 15 because this is when iron becomes available and the Star Ruins are unlocked. Do this as fast as possible by only focusing on building upgrades that are absolutely necessary to upgrade your castle.

   • Build as many resource buildings as you can, as fast as you can. When your castle's level goes up, more resource buildings will become available. Build them all, even if that means building fewer training grounds or medic tents. REMARK: You can remove a building to make room for resource buildings by selecting it, going to 'Details' and clicking 'Remove'.

   • Once your castle reaches level 15, upgrade all your resource buildings to level 15 to maximize resource output. Continue to ignore all other building upgrades that are not focused on resource production.

   • Upgrade your College to level 15 as well, so you can invest in relevant technology (see Technology).


   • Immediately start recruiting T2 Cavalry (Dragon Rider). Continue to recruit them until you have enough of them to gather resources at three level 5 resource tiles simultaneously. These are the only troops you will need on your farm, as they are cheap to recruit, fast to recruit, carry a decent load (18) and don't give away points to the enemy when they are killed during events (Kill event, Frenzy, Void).

Lord Skills:

   • As your lord level increases, you will have lord skills available. Spend them all in 'Development', focusing only on resource production and resource gathering. Don't use lord skills to improve 'Depot Capacity' or 'Stamina Recovery', these are irrelevant for a farm.

   • Once you have 11 lord skills available, you can unlock the 'Harvest' skill on the 'Development' tab. This skill can be used every 12 hours, and will instantly give you 6 hours' worth of output from all your resource buildings. The higher level of your resource buildings, the bigger the output of the Harvest skill.


   • In the college, mainly focus your research on the 'Resources' tab. Doing this will increase your resource output and resource-gathering efficiency.

   • Don't upgrade 'Depot' more than absolutely necessary. This will result in you being able to take fewer resources from your farm.

   • Unlock more gathering marches as soon as you can. You can do this by researching 'Legion' in the 'Military' tab.

   • Reduce the taxes you have to pay to other alliances when you are gathering resources. You do this by researching 'Tax rate' in the 'Development' tab.

   • OPTIONAL: You can research 'Architecture' and 'Research' in the 'Development' tab to speed up building upgrades and research in the college.


Once your farm is fully established, you will have to visit it regularly. Besides upgrading resource buildings, recruiting T2 cavalry and research upgrades, these are some actions to go through when you log into your farm:

   • Donate to the alliance technology to improve 'Production'

   • Claim 'Alliance Quest' and 'Alliance Gift'

   • Open all your mails (Select > Claim)

   • Use the 'Harvest' skill every 12 hours

   • Collect resources from your resource buildings (shake your phone)

   • Daily quests: do some of the easy ones (e.g,. give flowers) to claim rewards

   • Put your troops in the Star Ruins (Shallow Lode 1). You can resource chests from the Ruins Shop about once a week. Send out your T2 cavalry to gather in either the farm alliance's elite mines or resource tiles. Be sure to watch for a few seconds to make sure nobody else is headed towards the same resource tile since attacks on resource tiles will cause losses.

WaO - NTY - 1642
8 months ago | elly

What are the different attack types?

Below you can find an overview of the four basic types of attacks in WaO: Rally, Time Attack, Speed Attack, and Solo Attack.

Best practices

  • Regardless of the attack type, stay online and watch the target the whole time;
  • Add a significant percentage of frontline troops (Infantry or Cavalry) to your march;
  • Make sure you can always recall.


Rallies are straightforward. Someone, usually the person with the biggest rally soldier capacity (Hall of War) will put up a rally. Other players can see and join it in the battle log.

Time Attack (TA)

This is the most commonly used method of attacking. The two main reasons to do a time attack are maximizing attack power while minimizing lost troops. In order to make a time attack successful, all attackers need to arrive at the target within a few seconds of each other.

One person will usually command these attacks. This person will coordinate the attack by determining the target, asking for times, etc. It is therefore essential that the chat is kept clear during these attacks.

  1. A target will be marked in the Alliance Chat (AC) and the commander will ask for all participating player's times. The time can be checked by selecting the target and clicking the 'Attack'-button. Do NOT send a march yet, just post your time in the Alliance Chat for everyone to see.
  2. Once all participating players have shared their respective times, the commander will ask is everyone is ready. Players that are ready will post an "R" in the Alliance Chat.
  3. The commander will ask the player with the longest march time to start the attack. This player will mark their castle in the Alliance Chat (share), and give a 5-second countdown before starting the attack.

In the event that multiple players have the same attack time or are only seconds apart, a pack timer will be used. When looking at the map, outside of the castle, the packs and corresponding timers can be found on the right-hand side of the screen. The commander will indicate the pack timer and a specific time at which the players should start the attack.

There are two options to match time to that of the player that started the attack:

  • Follow their march when it leaves their castle by clicking it. When your own attack time is only one or two seconds away, click the join button and send your own march.
  • Follow the attack in the Battle Log and click 'Join' when your own attack time is only one or two seconds away.

If you are asked to recall your march, please do so. This is usually because you are either too far ahead or too far behind the attack group. Not recalling will very likely lead to losses on your end. If you are joining time attacks, please stay online the whole time. Never send an attack and log off. If you can't fully be there, just don't join.

Speed Attack (SA)

Speed Attacks are more complex and, if not executed properly, can really cause a player to take big losses. New players shouldn't join these attacks until they are more acclimated with the game.

The basic idea is that multiple players speed to a target. Players participating in the Speed Attack select a pack timer and time to start the attack. It is essential that all players arrive at the target together and within seconds.

A player will need anywhere from 5 to 7 50% march speed-ups or about 1500-2000 gems per Speed Attack. If you don't have either of these, don't join in on a Speed Attack.

Solo Attack

These attacks are more frequently used later in the game when players have unlocked SOS.

A player will attack a target alone, without anyone joining in. Here it is important to send a significant number of front-line troops (Infantry or Cavalry) to protect and buy time for the back-line troops (Mage or Archer) to do damage.

For a Solo Attack without activating SOS, it is common to use a Meat Shield. This means that the player will add lower-tier front-line troops to their march to limit the losses of their higher-tier troops. For example, a player using T8 Infantry will add a number of T4 and/or T6 Infantry to their march as protection.


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