FAQ About flip-flops

flip-flops flip-flops
2 years ago | minimalgalaxies

Why do people wear flip-flops?

For one thing, there aren't many people with beautiful feet that look good when they wear this (but that's a matter of taste). Second, the world's most uncomfortable shoe. I've even seen people running with it. It is really interesting. Everyone wears these slippers, in the city, at the beach, it's very nice, but your feet are dirty.

flip-flops flip-flops
2 years ago | minimalgalaxies

Why do some people hate to wear flip-flops?

Because “Flip Flops” make you look less smart (meaning, less dressy), even immature unless you’re at the pool or the beach. And because there are better, stylish options available. You can only wear them if you are around the house or in a hotel and walking to the pool.


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