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What makes Web 3.0 better than previous ones? Web3
one year ago | gizem

What makes Web 3.0 better than previous ones?

  1. Lack of a central control point. Agents removed from the equation will no longer be able to control user data. This freedom also reduces the risk of censorship by the state or companies.
  2. Making more connections between information. As more products connect to the Internet, the amount of information algorithms can analyze increases, thanks to larger datasets. This can help provide more accurate information specific to each user's needs.
  3. More efficient viewing. This provides a more convenient web view that can help anyone easily find exactly the information they are looking for.
  4. Advertising and marketing become more successful. If ads appeal to your needs, they can become useful rather than annoying. Web 3.0 aims to improve advertising by leveraging smarter AI systems and targeting specific audiences based on customer data.
  5. Better customer support. Customer service is essential for a smoother user experience on websites and web applications. But many successful web services struggle to scale their customer service operations because the cost is so high. With the use of smarter chat programs that can talk to multiple customers at the same time, users can benefit from a better experience when communicating with their support units.