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How does A Little Life handle LGBTQ+ themes? A Little Life
one year ago | gizem

How does A Little Life handle LGBTQ+ themes?

"A Little Life" explores LGBTQ+ themes in a nuanced and complex way. The novel features several LGBTQ+ characters, including the main character, Jude, who is a gay man. The novel portrays the challenges and discrimination that LGBTQ+ people face, such as the difficulties of coming out, discrimination in the workplace, and the trauma of experiencing homophobia and violence.

At the same time, the novel also celebrates the joys and beauty of LGBTQ+ love and relationships. The novel depicts the deep bond between Jude and his partner, Willem, as well as the supportive and accepting friendships between LGBTQ+ characters.

The novel also explores the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity with other aspects of a person's identity, such as race and class. For example, Jude's experiences as a gay, black man are shaped by his experiences of racism and poverty, which further complicate his sense of self and belonging.