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What are some of the major events in A Little Life? A Little Life
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What are some of the major events in A Little Life?

There are several major events in "A Little Life," including:

Jude's traumatic childhood: The novel opens with a description of Jude's traumatic childhood, which includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Jude's relationship with Harold: Jude's relationship with his mentor, Harold, is a significant part of the novel, as Harold becomes a father figure to Jude and helps him navigate his trauma.

The formation of the four friends: The novel follows the formation of the friendship between Jude, Willem, JB, and Malcolm, and their experiences as they navigate their careers and personal lives.

Jude's health struggles: Jude's physical and mental health struggles are a major part of the novel, as he copes with chronic pain and the effects of past trauma.

Jude's relationship with Willem: The novel explores the deep friendship and occasional romantic feelings between Jude and Willem, which is a central relationship in the novel.

Jude's art collection: Jude's art collection is a significant part of the novel, as it provides a glimpse into his tastes and interests, and helps to illustrate his complex relationship with art.

The revelation of Jude's past: As the novel progresses, more details about Jude's traumatic past are revealed, culminating in a shocking revelation near the end of the novel.