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What work do you do? Dame Magda
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What work do you do?

My work is solo audio, with some solo videos. Clips are pay-per-view or subscription, with some bonus free photos and preview clips for you to try before you buy. There are several different kinds of clips to suit different kinks and tastes:

  • Dame Magda Reads: Saucy, mainly kinky, audio stories, either girl-girl or solo female. There's a new story every month wherever you subscribe to me.
  • Dame Magda's Hot Minute: 1-3 minute audio ASMR clips to get you hot under the collar quickly. New clips 3-4 times a week.
  • Dame Magda's Domination: Longer audio femdom fantasies. 10 to 15 minutes each. New clips once or twice a month.
  • Dame Magda's Dirty Bonus: Solo pleasure videos. Between 5 and 20 minutes each. New clips once or twice a month; strictly subscriber-only.

Clips are available from ___, _____ and ____. From any of these sites, you can also order custom audio or video and choose what you want to hear or see.