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What and who are the guides this year? Albait-Hajj 2023 - FAQ
one year ago | yousuf

What and who are the guides this year?

This year Duyuf al Bait is one of a handful of companies in Saudi who are authorised to sell Hajj packages through the Nusuk platform. The agencies we had here once upon a time do not handle payment of the trip, they are now called guides.

Every guide will have an associated code which will be against each package, which informs you who will be a guide for the package you wish to select.

The guides and their respective codes are as follows

  • Al Hidaya Travel - HT
  • Hajj with Abu Eesa - AE
  • Dome Tours - DT
  • Arif Hajj - AR
  • Flight Express - FE
  • Labbaik - LT
  • Hasan Travel & Tours - HS
  • Hijaz Travel - HJ