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How to become Amazon seller? Amazon
2 years ago | gizem

How to become Amazon seller?

If you are an authorized dealer, you can find popular products that are already available and sell them on Amazon Turkey. If you're a brand owner, you can manufacture your own products or source products to sell under a private label to give shoppers a unique choice.

Once you've determined your strategy, you can create an Amazon seller account. Be sure to prepare what you need to have on hand for this. Such as identity information, valid address information, phone number, credit card information to pay etc.

You can now list your products. For this, you need to check whether your products are suitable for sale. There is a table on Amazon's website where you can compare the suitability of your products for sale.

After adding your products and creating your inventory, all you have to do is attract customers. For this, you can be competitive in terms of prices or you can stand out with fast cargo shipments.

Pay attention to your customer reviews to protect your success after your sales.