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What inspired the author to write Caraval? Caraval
6 months ago | gizem

What inspired the author to write Caraval?

Stephanie Garber, the author of "Caraval," has mentioned in interviews that various sources inspired her to write the novel. While she hasn't explicitly pointed to a single inspiration, she has discussed elements that influenced the creation of Caraval.

Garber has expressed a deep love for magic, fantasy, and immersive experiences. The magical and enchanting world of Caraval reflects her fascination with these elements, creating a captivating setting for the story. Caraval is centered around a magical game with intricate puzzles and challenges. Garber has mentioned her interest in games and puzzles as inspiration for creating a story that involves characters navigating a mysterious and challenging environment.

The strong bond between the two sisters, Scarlett and Tella, is a central theme in "Caraval." Garber has discussed her own relationship with her sister as a source of inspiration for exploring themes of sisterhood, loyalty, and sacrifice in the novel. While "Caraval" is a fantasy novel, Garber has drawn inspiration from historical and cultural references to shape the atmosphere and aesthetics of the book. The blending of different elements contributes to the unique world-building in Caraval.