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Who are the main characters in Caraval? Caraval
6 months ago | gizem

Who are the main characters in Caraval?

Scarlett Dragna: The older of the two sisters, Scarlett is initially portrayed as cautious and responsible. She is set to marry a man she has never met as part of an arranged marriage. Scarlett is determined to protect her sister, Tella, and has a strong sense of duty. As the story progresses, Scarlett undergoes significant character development and faces various challenges in the magical world of Caraval.

Donatella "Tella" Dragna: Tella is the younger, more impulsive sister. She convinces Scarlett to attend Caraval, and her kidnapping sets the events of the game in motion. Tella is mysterious and adventurous, with a rebellious spirit. As Scarlett searches for her in Caraval, Tella's character becomes increasingly integral to the unfolding story.