Data Measurement in Analytics

FAQ About Data Measurement in Analytics

What parameters are used in the measurement protocol?

In general, the first of the parameters that can be used for all hit types is 'Protocol Version'. Here the current value is assumed to be 1.

The parameter used for all next hit types is 'Tracking ID' or 'Web Property ID'. Here, too, all collected data is associated with this ID.

There are also several parameters that can be added optionally. These are 'Anonymize IP', 'Disabling Advertising Personalization', 'Data Source', 'Queue Time' and 'Cache Buster'.

There are optional parameters that can also be used for the user part. These are 'Client ID' and 'User ID'.

Apart from these, the parameter types that can be used optionally are as follows;

  • Session,
  • Traffic Sources,
  • System Info,
  • Hit,
  • Content Information,
  • Apps,
  • Events,
  • E-Commerce,
  • Enhanced E-Commerce,
  • Social Interactions,
  • Timing,
  • Exceptions,
  • Custom Dimensions / Metrics.