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Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
2 years ago | devrimodabasi1

How should i choose my first guitar?

Choosing your first guitar can be tough. 

You want a stable guitar that wont go out of tune very often and a good set-up. It can be really hard to judge playability when you are a beginner so it is best to ask a friend who knows how to play if you want to go with second hand or sticking to a major brands brand new guitar is also a viable option. You can ask the store to set it up for you.

Knowing the overall genre that you want to play is also important. If you want to play heavier stuff it might be best to go with a guitar that has humbucker pickups on it. 

Lastly, having a good looking guitar will encourage you to pick it up and play more often.

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
2 years ago | devrimodabasi1

How can i start learning the guitar?

Its always best to get some lessons in-person especially at the beginning because the teacher can seeyour mistakes and correct them but if you can't afford it there are also lots of free and great guitar lessons on Youtube. So it is possible to learn the guitar by yourself. You'd just have to be more careful to not develop some bad technique habits.

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
2 years ago | devrimodabasi1

How can i make my first guitar ready to play?

Things that might need some adjustments are the really important at first are truss rod, bridge string height , intonation and if your guitar has a locking mechanism the bridge might need some further adjustment. If you don't know anything it is best to take it to a luthier or ask the store to set it up for you. There are also tutorials for this but you might damage your guitar if you do the truss rod adjustment wrong. Most importantly you need to tune the guitar and you can do that by yourself at home.

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
2 years ago | asked by sercan

Is it disadvantageous to start with a cheaper guitar?

Cheaper guitars can be pretty good these days. But there is still a limit. If a guitar is too poorly made , it can make your guitar learning process much harder. So it is best to save up a little bit and get a nice entry level guitar.


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