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What is the range of electric scooters? Electric Scooters
one year ago | gizem

What is the range of electric scooters?

The range of your electric scooter will be determined by several factors. The main factor will be the size of your e-bike battery pack. The size of an electric scooter battery can be similar to the size of a gas tank in a car. In batteries, the size is called "capacity" and is measured in amp-hours (AH). The more amp-hours (or AH) the battery has, the more energy it has in storage and the greater the distance you can expect. Electric scooter batteries are usually sold at 7ah (doesn't go very far), which is available in off-the-shelf bikes. 20ah (you really enjoy a long ride) should be preferred for long ranges. With battery packs over 20ah, you can get an average range of 100km/h. The range you see is determined by the battery and motor combination. Apart from battery capacity, other factors will be rider weight, rider's route (how much you pedal), and road/wind conditions.