Is my ticket transferable

Yes, you can give your ticket to someone before the event but not during the event

Disability access

We have a Disability route but please remember that the venue is on open grass fields

Camping and gas cylinders

Gas cylinders with a fixed standard safety system are permitted

Event Security

Event Security will be on site un all areas at the venue 24 hours a day

Medical assistance

St John's ambulance staff will be available on site from 8am until 8pm every day

Disability Parking

Disability parking is available at the front of the car park at the closest entrance to the event entrance

Camping showers

There will be showers on site strictly for the use of camping customers only

Band line up / who's on stage

The artist and band line up dill be listed on the website with initial main acts 8 months before the event

Facilities at the event

There are toilets in all main areas, catering stalls, rest sitting areas, gazebo out of the sun areas, medical support

Security and Entry conditions

Please refer to the Entry conditions on this site

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy services will be available at the event but a separate charge will be payable

Stage times

Bands will be playing on stage from midday until 8pm


No Alcohol is available for purchases at the event but you are welcome to bring your own but in moderation please


Designated smoking areas will be clearly signposted

Emergency Ambulance

A Special access route is designated for Emergency paramedics

Wrist Bands

Every guest will be issued with their relevant colour code wrist band..example one day ticket colour, two day ticket different colour

Illegal Drugs

Anyone found to be in possession of illegal drugs of using illegal drugs will be first asked to leave the event and will not be permitted reentry..If they refuse to leave, the on site event police will arrest and charge the person under uk law

Camping Electricity

Their will be electrical supply in camping areas for mobile phone charging


Carers will be given free ticket access with their patient but please ensure that the relevant PIP or DLA documentation proof is with you.

Event Venue

The Venue is on open grasslands, please ensure that you wear the appropriate footwear


Although the event is in July, we never know what the weather may do so please ensure you bring appropriate clothing with you


Will be available for sale on site


Water taps will be available free of charge on site

Emergency Assistance

Please approach the nearest security officer for assistance

Unreasonable behaviour

We run a zero tolerance rule regarding unreasonable behaviour..Any person demonstrating unreasonable behaviour will be removed from the event and refused reentry


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