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What are the most basic rules of Gestalt Principles? Gestalt Principles of Design
2 years ago | zelifergin

What are the most basic rules of Gestalt Principles?

Humans will always perceive objects in their simplest form. If you see a 2D illustration of interlocking circles, you would perceive them as different circles rather than what it physically is, curves that are split by other curves. Basically, humans don't see shapes as individual elements.

Secondly, humans naturally follow curves and lines. For example, even though dashed lines have separate shapes of small lines by human nature we perceive the dashed or dashed curve as single elements.

Thirdly, the mind will attempt to fill in details and gaps that aren't actually there. This also applies to our first example where the human eye sees a complete circle even though it is interlocking with other elements. If there is no information but it is implied, our mind will subconsciously fill in the blanks.