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Help! What do I do with the authorization key/code? Graze for Mastodon
one year ago | asked by Peter

Help! What do I do with the authorization key/code?

Some server instances make modifications to their authorization flows that make it impossible for Graze to automatically store your authorization code.

Before you get started, a reminder, your home instance, and the remote instance you want to use with Graze have to be running Mastodon 4.0.0 or higher (current version is 4.1.2)

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Just try it again! sometimes this helps, Mastodon is a little flaky
  2. Close all your tabs and browser windows and try again. (this mostly helps firefox users)
  3. Log out of your home instance, and log back in during the authentication flow of Graze
  4. Enable the extension to run in incognito/private mode and set it up in a new incognito/private window
  5. Check to make sure you haven't disable Javascript in your browser, and disable any other Mastodon/Fediverse or Security related plugins or extensions. (You can turn them back on after you authenticate with Graze) "uBlock" has caused problems during login for multiple users.