Korean Alphabet - Hangeul(Hangul)

FAQ About Korean Alphabet - Hangeul(Hangul)

What are the origins of the Korean alphabet(Hangul)?

Hangul has it's origins in Chinese characters. Chinese characters were used in Korea until the 15th century. However, because it was difficult to learn, King Sejong in 1443 asked scientists to solve this problem.

How many letters are in the Korean alphabet?

There's 24 letters in the alphabet. 14 of them consonants and 10 of them vowels.

Why is the Korean alphabet written in these specific shapes?

Hangul was invented based on the shape of the tongue while saying the letters.That's why the alphabet shaped like that.

Why there are so many different letters in the Korean alphabet?

Beside the core alphabet there's also other letters in the Korean alphabet like semi vowels, double consonants and compound consonants.

What is unique about the Korean alphabet?

Each letter corresponds to what linguists refer to as a phoneme essentially just an individual sound. This differs from other writing systems, like Japanese, that are syllabaries, in which each letter represents a full syllable.


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