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What are the types of Machine Learning algorithms? Machine Learning
one year ago | gizem

What are the types of Machine Learning algorithms?

There is no shortage of machine learning algorithms, just as Machine Learning has almost unlimited uses. It ranges from the fairly simple to the extremely complex. A few of the most commonly used models are:

  • Decision trees: These models use observations about certain actions and determine the most appropriate path to reach the desired result.
  • K-cluster: This model includes a certain number of data points in a certain number of groupings based on similar characteristics.
  • Neural networks: These deep learning models use large amounts of training data to identify correlations between many variables to learn to process future data.
  • Reinforcement learning: This area of ​​deep learning involves repeating patterns in many attempts to complete a process. Steps that produce favorable results are rewarded, and steps that produce undesirable results are penalized until the algorithm learns the optimal process.