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what kind of makeup do you use? Pinksweets8
one year ago | pinksweets8

what kind of makeup do you use?

i use liquid/brush eyeliner. mainly brown ones since they make your eyes appear softer. harsh black eyeliner can be used for specific characters too. but i mainly stick to softer colors to achieve a cute and gentle appearance

i just use plain warm brown eyeshadow for contouring on my nose, and creating an "aegyo sal" (a small mound of flesh often seen on young Korean women's faces near the inner corners of their eyes).

i do not use false lashes much anymore. i do not particularly do heavy makeup, I prefer to only wear eyeliner and occasionally use concealer to cover any blemishes or under-eye bags.

If you are doing cosplay, i highly recommend doing soft gentle minimal makeup rather than heavy makeup. since i feel like it can look a bit too distracting.

i use E.L.F