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What is the legacy of Power Rangers? Power Rangers
one year ago | gizem

What is the legacy of Power Rangers?

The legacy of Power Rangers is significant in popular culture, especially for those who grew up watching the show. Here are some of the ways that Power Rangers has made an impact:

Trailblazer in the genre of live-action kids' TV shows: Power Rangers was one of the first TV shows to use the Japanese "tokusatsu" style of live-action special effects in a Western context. It has since inspired many other TV shows and films.

Diversity and representation: Power Rangers has been praised for its diverse cast and representation of different cultures and ethnicities. It has also featured strong female characters and portrayed characters with disabilities.

Merchandising: Power Rangers has been incredibly successful in merchandising, with toys, games, and other products being sold all over the world. It has become a significant revenue stream for the franchise.

Nostalgia: Power Rangers has a loyal fan base that has remained passionate about the show and its characters for over 25 years. Many fans have fond memories of growing up with the show and continue to support it to this day.

Positive messages: Power Rangers has often promoted positive messages about teamwork, friendship, and standing up against bullies. Its themes of good versus evil have also been seen as a way to teach children about morality.