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What is the background of Preppy Style? Preppy Style
2 years ago | gizem

What is the background of Preppy Style?

The term 'prep' comes from the late 19th century when northeastern WASP(white anglo-saxon protestant) families wanted to distinguish their old money from rising new wealth in the industrial revolution by estabkishing private prep schools for their children.

At the time these schools prioritized inheritance, family name, legacy and an 'us' vs. 'them' mentality towards the rising lower class. It was then common that these high schoolers would go on to Ivy Leauge colleges such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Thus continuing the family line of wealth, privilege and social connection.

Throughougt the 20th century the preppy subculture developed its own sense of style and sensibility that became well-known and prominent in certain periods where symbols of affluence and Americana was idealized.

Multiple brands began selling a sense of classic preppy at medium price points that made the style mainstream and available to all classes.