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Which type of clothing belongs to the Preppy Style? Preppy Style
2 years ago | gizem

Which type of clothing belongs to the Preppy Style?

While preppy aestethics in the 2000s may have become more diluted into the mainstream the style was still rooted in upper class. There were four main influences on the aestethic that stem from this.

  • Firstly in the early 20th century tailors like J. Press and Brooks Brothers began selling their clothes to various upper-class Northeastern collegiates. It created a distinctive style that was fully established as the Ivy Leauge styles by the 50s with clothing that suited the Northeastern environment such as wintery thick fabrics and earthy fall colors. This upper-class Ivy Leauge student style allowed them to further distinguish themselves from lower classes.
  • Secondly popular sports activities at these colleges meant that sportswear often seen on these campuses. Therefore it is a major element of the preppy aestethic. These sports were usually golf, tennis and riding horses. Additionally nautical and equestrian themes were big in the aestethic from preps love of horse and water sports.
  • Thirdly some of these activities like polo, sailing, tennis, rowing and so on reflect historically upper-class leisure activities of the British, who also historically had a strong political and social position in Northeastern colleges.
  • Lastly many of these Ivy Leauge students and their wealthy families conjugated at Southern summer vacation spots in the 50s and 60s, such as Palm Beach Florida. This meant many summer preppy styles were formed there and were particularly adopted by preps from the South, who typically follow the same traditions as Northeastern preps but come from old money in the South.

The four main influences on the 2000s preppy style is in short;

  1. Ivy Leauge,
  2. Sportswear,
  3. British Upper-Class,
  4. Southern Summer.