What Services do you offer? PROP FIRM MASTER
one year ago | skyler

What Services do you offer?

As a team of experienced funded traders, we offer a range of services to help fellow traders become funded. 

Here are the main services we provide:

Evaluation Pass Service (Phase 1 & 2):

We understand how challenging it can be for traders to pass the evaluation challenges. That's why we offer a comprehensive evaluation pass service that includes both phase 1 and 2 of the evaluation process.

Funded Account Management:

Once we have successfully passed the evaluation challenge, we will proceed to funded account management phase to help you manage your trading account effectively aiming a minimum monthly target (ROI) of 15%.

Loss/Drawdown Recovery:

We understand that losses are an inevitable part of trading, and even the best traders can experience drawdowns. That's why we offer loss/drawdown recovery services to help you bounce back from losses and get back on track if you have tried to trade your account and experienced slight loss.