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one year ago | skyler

Who are the Propfirmmaster

It is widely known that over 95% of traders attempting to obtain funded accounts fail even before reaching the second phase of the evaluation process. Many lose their funded accounts due to various factors such as trading inconsistency caused by unstable trading psychology, improper risk management, as well as inadequate trading skills.

That's where we step in.

We are a team of Forex and Stock Traders with more than seven years of consistent experience in the financial markets. Before becoming funded traders ourselves, we traded on our personal trading accounts ranging from a few hundred to a thousand dollars, to be precise. The trading journey was exhausting as trading with small accounts is a horrible experience, especially if your life dreams depend solely on trading. After struggling to trade with small accounts for several years, we luckily came across FTMO back in 2017, which was just a small company that many traders weren’t aware of.

Upon familiarizing ourselves with the whole concept of Prop Firms and Funded Accounts, we decided to give it a go and started taking on challenges. By mid-2019, we were already funded traders.

Being a funded trader gives you the ability to have a funded account with capital that you, as a retail trader, wouldn’t be able to come up with. Let's assume you have $100,000 lying around and want to deposit it to your broker. Risking your own money or life savings, in this case, can be more complicated than using someone else's money to trade, and you get to keep 70% of whatever you make after being funded.

Most retail traders who do not see success in trading after several years of suffering from blowing accounts do so because they trade on small accounts with expectations of doubling or tripling the account, which ends up blowing due to an aggressive trading style. Instead of trading on your small live account of $500 and aiming for a $10,000 return in a month, which is an unrealistic goal of wanting a 2000% return in one month, I recommend that you consider getting yourself funded and aim for only a 10% return from a $100,000 account. This way, you will be trading with less risk, pressure, and greed.