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What are the requirements to be a part of the academy?
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10 months ago | purposeacademy

What are the requirements to be a part of the academy?

1. Interest and Commitment: Show a genuine interest in discovering your true identity and purpose in life. Demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and transformation.

2. Orientation: Be willing to attend the orientation session to learn more about the academy's objectives.

3. Access to Technology: Ensure you have access to an internet- enabled device, such as a smartphone or laptop, and data as virtual participation will be required.

4.Open- mindedness: Be open to new ideas, perspectives, and self- exploration. A willingness to challenge existing beliefs and attitudes can foster personal growth.

5.English Proficiency: All sessions and resources will be conducted in English, so a basic understanding of the language will be necessary.

6.Time Commitment: Understand and be ready to invest time in attending classes, doing assignments, and other tasks based on the academy's schedule.

7. Respect for Others: Be respectful of fellow participants, facilitators, and the academy's guidelines for interaction and engagement.

8. Financial Commitment : There will be free access to a wide range of valuable resources at no cost, with the exception of 1 or 2 specialized resources which are basic requirements for one of the core courses. Hence, the need to pay a token to access them in bookshops/online stores.

9. Follow Guidelines: Adhere to the academy's rules, guidelines, and code of conduct to create a conducive virtual learning environment for everyone involved.

10. Positive Attitude: Approach the academy with a positive and growth- oriented mindset. Embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and personal development.

By meeting the criteria, you can embark on a transformative journey of purpose discovery, fulfilment and personal development.