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How do you know Ralph Lauren is it original? Ralph Lauren
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How do you know Ralph Lauren is it original?

To ensure that a Ralph Lauren product is authentic, there are several things to look for:

Purchase from an authorized retailer: The easiest way to ensure that a Ralph Lauren product is authentic is to buy it from an authorized retailer. These retailers are authorized by Ralph Lauren to sell their products, and they will have authentic items in their inventory.

Check the label: Ralph Lauren products have a label that indicates the size, the country of origin, and the material composition. The label should be sewn in and should have straight, even stitching.

Look at the logo: Ralph Lauren's logo is a polo player on a horse. The logo should be embroidered, and the stitching should be clean and even.

Examine the details: Ralph Lauren products are known for their attention to detail. Look at the buttons, zippers, and seams to ensure that they are well-made and of high quality.

Check the packaging: Ralph Lauren products come with high-quality packaging that includes branded boxes, tissue paper, and shopping bags. The packaging should look clean and professional, and the logo should be clearly printed.