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What is TIN and why do I need it? Smartbiz Enterprise
one year ago | smartbizenterprise

What is TIN and why do I need it?

TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER(TIN) is a special code that is assigned to people, businesses that have registered with the government, and corporations that have been formed for the purpose of paying taxes used by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE in the administration of tax laws.

Tax ID numbers combined with other forms of personal data, are worth more on the black market than stolen credit card information because tax ID information can be used repeatedly to file insurance claims, apply for loans and open new credit card accounts.

Benefits Of Tax Identification Number

1. File business taxes and avoid tax penalties. 

2.Prevent identity theft. 

3.Add credibility as a freelancer or independent contractor. 

4.Speed up business loan applications. 

5.Open a business bank account. 

6.Build trust with vendors.

7. It is needed for registration of cars.

8. You need it for application of C of O and many more.

9 It's needed for some legal registrations