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Why should I register my business/company with CAC? Smartbiz Enterprise
one year ago | smartbizenterprise

Why should I register my business/company with CAC?

Here's Why You Need To Register Your Business With Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)?

1. You can now open a corporate account in the bank.

2. Your prospects (customers) would feel more comfortable paying into a corporate account because they know their money can be traced.

3. You can now apply for loans and grants when your business is registered with CAC (e.g. COVID-19 FGN Survival Fund).

4. It makes your customers trust your business because they see it as legit and reliable.

5. Registering your business is the first step to getting your business structured. Without registering your business, you are running a glorified hobby.

6. If you need a supporting hands with little pay such as getting a Corp Member (Corpers) as an intern. A registered business can get you one.

7. A registered business gives clients confidence that they are dealing with a reputable organization.

8. Your business lives on even after death or if you become incapacitated, especially when you have the right structure in place.

9. A registered business gets easy access to loans and boundless opportunities.

10. You have better access to investors with a registered business as investors look at the business structure first before investing.