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Taleemabad LMS - Admin
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Taleemabad's WhatsApp groups

Taleemabad has three WhatsApp groups for schools in the Taleemabad Network. If you have purchased Taleemabad but are not added to these groups, contact us at +923041114044 immediately!

  • School Leaders 2022:

This group will connect you with our Taleemabad School Owner community! Here you can raise your concerns, share your feedback, and voice your opinions with us as well as other school owners about anything and everything. This is also where Taleemabad communicates all information regarding various activities such as our events for teachers and events for parents. We will also share the new features we are working on with you in this group!

  • Taleemabad Teachers:

This group will be a home for your teachers. Taleemabad's teachers use it to share their classroom activities, help each other with friendly and helpful teaching advice, and voice their suggestions and concerns to Taleemabad. We also host friendly competitions for teachers here where they are rewarded with gift hampers and goodies!

(note: you will not be in this group, it is only for your school's teachers)

  • Separate WhatsApp groups for each school

You will also have a separate WhatsApp group that is only for your school. By doing this, we hope to provide you with personalized service. This group will be your direct line to our team where you can clear any confusions or problems that you have quickly and privately!

(note: this group will include you and only those teachers that you have added in the LMS)