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How do I earn experience points in Teamfight Tactics? Teamfight Tactics
one year ago | gizem

How do I earn experience points in Teamfight Tactics?

There are several ways to earn experience points in Teamfight Tactics:

Completing matches - Each completed match will earn you a certain amount of experience points based on the length of the game.

Daily Missions - TFT has daily missions that offer XP rewards for completing various objectives, such as winning a certain number of matches or playing a certain number of games.

Battle Pass - By purchasing the TFT Battle Pass, players can earn additional experience points by completing specific objectives and challenges throughout the season.

First Win of the Day - Winning your first game of the day will earn you bonus experience points.

Special Events - TFT occasionally runs special events that offer additional experience points for completing certain objectives or participating in the event.

Purchasing Experience Boosts - Players can purchase experience boosts with real money, which will increase the amount of experience points earned for a certain period of time.

By earning experience points, players can level up their account and earn various rewards such as new champions, cosmetic upgrades, and other in-game bonuses.