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What is the role of the slow roll strategy in Teamfight Tactics? Teamfight Tactics
one year ago | gizem

What is the role of the slow roll strategy in Teamfight Tactics?

The slow roll strategy is a playstyle in Teamfight Tactics that involves accumulating gold and gradually spending it to roll for specific units and synergies. The goal is to slowly build up a powerful team over time while maintaining a strong economy.

In the slow roll strategy, players typically save up their gold until they reach a comfortable level of interest (usually 50 gold or more) before spending any of it on rolls. They then gradually spend their gold on rolls, looking for specific units and synergies to complete their team composition.

The slow roll strategy can be effective in the mid to late game, where having a well-rounded and synergistic team is more important than having a large number of units on the board. However, it can also be risky, as it requires players to sacrifice some early game strength and potentially fall behind other players who are aggressively spending their gold.

Players who use the slow roll strategy need to be patient and adaptable, as they may need to pivot their strategy if they do not hit the units or synergies they need, or if their opponents are able to counter their strategy effectively.