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What is a help desk? FAQs
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What is a help desk?

A help desk is a department within an organization that uses a software tool to provide technical support to employees or customers. Help desks are primarily of two types: internal help desks and external help desks.

  • Internal Help Desks are designed to offer support services to employees or members within an organization. These desks focus on resolving technical issues, providing IT support, and answering queries related to internal tools, software, and infrastructure. The aim is to ensure smooth operational flow and to assist employees in overcoming challenges that might hinder their productivity.
  • External help desks are support center that provide assistance, guidance, and problem-solving services to external customers or clients. These desks typically handle inquiries, support requests, and technical issues from users who are not part of the organization running the help desk. The focus is on supporting products or services offered by the organization to its customers.