FAQ About Wattpad

one year ago | gizem

How do I get feedback on my stories on Wattpad?

Request comments: At the end of each chapter of your story, you can add a note asking readers to leave comments or feedback. Encourage them to be specific and detailed with their feedback, so you can use it to improve your writing.

Join a writing group: Wattpad has several writing groups where writers can share their work and get feedback from other members. You can join a group that fits your genre or writing style and participate in discussions and critique sessions.

Enter contests: Wattpad hosts various writing contests throughout the year, many of which offer feedback as part of the prize package. Entering contests can help you get feedback from professional editors or other writers in your genre.

Share your work on social media: Share your stories on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and ask for feedback. You can use hashtags to target readers in your genre and encourage them to read and comment on your work.

Use Wattpad's feedback tools: Wattpad offers several feedback tools, such as inline commenting and story rankings, that can help you gauge reader reactions to your work. Use these tools to understand which parts of your story are working and which need improvement.