Becoming an Influencer

FAQ About Becoming an Influencer

Becoming an Influencer
one year ago | gizem

Should I focus on follower count or engagement rate?

When it comes to measuring success as an influencer, it's important to strike a balance between follower count and engagement rate. While both metrics have their significance, they provide different insights into your influence and impact. Here's why both factors should be considered:

Follower count:

  • Reach and potential audience: A larger follower count can indicate a wider reach and potential audience. It can attract brands looking to collaborate with influencers with a significant reach.
  • Brand perception: A higher follower count can contribute to a perception of influence and popularity, which may attract more attention from brands and potential followers.
  • Credibility and social proof: A substantial follower count can provide a level of credibility and social proof, especially to new visitors or brands exploring potential partnerships.

Engagement rate:

  • Genuine audience connection: Engagement rate reflects how well you connect with your audience. High engagement suggests an active and loyal community that is genuinely interested in your content.
  • Audience feedback and insights: Engaged followers are more likely to provide valuable feedback, insights, and generate meaningful discussions. This feedback can help you refine your content and better serve your audience.
  • Brand preference: Brands are increasingly valuing engagement rate as an indicator of an influencer's ability to drive actions and influence purchasing decisions. High engagement rates can attract brands seeking authentic connections and meaningful interactions with their target audience.