Becoming an Influencer

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Becoming an Influencer
one year ago | gizem

Should I work with an influencer agency or manager?

Working with an influencer agency or manager is a decision that depends on your specific needs, goals, and resources as an influencer. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to work with an agency or manager:

  • Time and resources: Managing your influencer career can be time-consuming, especially as you grow and attract more brand collaborations. If you find that managing collaborations, negotiations, contracts, and administrative tasks are taking up a significant amount of your time, working with an agency or manager can help alleviate the workload and free up time for content creation and engagement.
  • Expertise and industry connections: Influencer agencies or managers often have expertise and established connections within the industry. They can provide guidance on brand partnerships, help you navigate negotiations and contracts, and offer insights into industry trends and best practices. Their experience and network can help you secure collaborations and make informed decisions.
  • Brand partnerships and opportunities: Agencies or managers can connect you with brands and secure collaborations on your behalf. They may have existing relationships with brands and can negotiate on your behalf to ensure fair compensation and alignment with your values. Their network and industry knowledge can open up new opportunities and increase your exposure to potential brand partnerships.
  • Negotiation and contract management: Influencer agencies or managers can handle negotiation processes and manage contracts, ensuring that your interests are protected. They can help you navigate pricing, terms, and any legal or disclosure obligations. This can provide peace of mind and professional representation during collaborations.
  • Financial and business management: An agency or manager can assist with financial management, invoicing, and budgeting. They may handle payment processing, track earnings, and assist with tax-related matters. This can help you maintain financial organization and ensure you are compensated appropriately for your work.
  • Cost and contractual agreements: Working with an agency or manager typically involves a contractual agreement, and they may charge a commission or fee for their services. Consider the cost implications and carefully review any agreements or terms before committing. Evaluate whether the benefits and support provided by the agency or manager justify the associated costs.
  • Independence and control: Working with an agency or manager means involving a third party in your influencer career. It's important to assess whether you are comfortable relinquishing some independence and decision-making authority. Consider whether you prefer to have full control over your brand and collaborations, or if you are open to guidance and support from professionals.