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Why are my beeswax wraps cracking? Beeswax Wraps
one year ago | gizem

Why are my beeswax wraps cracking?

Beeswax wraps can crack or become brittle for a few reasons:

Age: Over time, beeswax wraps can lose their flexibility and become brittle, especially if they are not used frequently or are not properly maintained.

Exposure to heat: Exposing beeswax wraps to heat, such as putting them in a dishwasher or leaving them in a hot car, can cause the wax to melt and the wrap to lose its shape and stickiness.

Overuse: Using beeswax wraps too often or for foods that are particularly oily or acidic can cause the wax to break down and the fabric to become brittle.

To prevent your beeswax wraps from cracking, it is important to care for them properly. Wash them in cool water with mild soap, avoid exposing them to heat, and avoid overusing them for foods that are overly oily or acidic. If your wraps do start to crack, you can try refreshing them by placing them in a warm oven or ironing them between sheets of parchment paper to redistribute the wax.