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πŸ”₯🏠✨ How do we enjoy the fireplace safely and keep the neighbors happy? Brantevik.House
7 months ago | kristofferandelina

🔥🏠✨ How do we enjoy the fireplace safely and keep the neighbors happy?

Welcome to the cozy world of fireplace mastery! First, a quick heads up: while igniting fires in the fireplace, remember to never use lighter fluid (it's a no-no for our beloved chimney). 

Now, let's get toasty! You might want to grab some firewood on your way here, just in case the previous guests didn't leave any behind. You can find it at several spots in Simrishamn, like the gas station at the roundabout, Coop, or Byggmax.

Got your wood? Great! In the cabinet near the LP player, we've stocked some peat fire starters for you. Use them to get your fire roaring.

Here are some hot tips for a perfect fire:

1. Turn off the kitchen fan (set it to 0). Normally, it should be on 1, but not when you're playing with fire.

2. Open the lower vent to the left of the stove door, and crank the one under the door to maximum. Sometimes, a slightly open door does wonders for a stubborn fire. Still no luck? Try cracking open an exterior door for some extra air.


- Only burn up to 3kg of wood per hour and for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. Then give the stove a break, as long as your burn time, to cool down the chimney (we don't want any cracks or fires!).

- Limit your fires to twice a day - one in the morning and one in the evening, to keep the chimney and neighbors smiling.

- For an efficient burn, stack your wood like a game of pick-up sticks - about four smaller pieces at the bottom, topped with a thicker one. Place 1-2 fire starters underneath and light them up. Once it's burning well, feel free to add more logs as needed.

Any questions? Just holler! Let's keep the fire burning and the vibes warm. πŸ”₯🏠✨