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🥶🥵 Too hot / cold!! Brantevik.House
one year ago | kristofferandelina

🥶🥵 Too hot / cold!!

Yes, this house's vent/heating tech will probably be featured in NASAs next space shuttle.

Some advice: Always keep the vent knob above the stove at 1 (or 2 when cooking) - never at “min”. That insures a good circulation of air in the house.

In the winter: Too cold or too hot? Send us a message via Airbnb! The heating is controlled via an app and is an automated smart system (but not telepathic yet). If it’s too cold, try heating a fire in the fireplace, it heats the house and is cozy!

In the summer: If it’s too hot, open the windows and doors (but close them before you leave the house - we don’t want burglars or water damage from the rain!). Still too hot? We have an AC, however, the electricity prices are often insane nowadays, so you’ll have to pay extra for it. If you use the AC, be sure to close all doors and keep ‘em shut unless you are a billionaire 💸